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Plug-in Home Oil Scent Diffuser (Small Space)

Plug-in Home Oil Scent Diffuser (Small Space)

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Elevate the essence of your home with the innovative ScentScapes® plug-in scent diffuser for small spaces. It doesn’t just mask odors – it crafts an atmosphere!

With sleek design and plug-and-play convenience, the ScentScapes® Scent Diffuser is the perfect way to add your favorite fragrance to any room. And with the convenient smart app, you can take control of the unit from anywhere! Adjust the intensity to fill a much larger space on a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Explore our range of scents in the ScentScapes® Scent Guide, each fragrance a unique chapter in the story of your home. Discover the power of scent to transform, inspire, and enrich everyday living.

Looking for diffuser refills?

Each diffuser comes with your choice of 60mL scented refill.

Refills typically last 4-8 weeks depending on diffuser settings.

Diffuser covers a space up to 800 square feet. Settings can be fine tuned beyond basic programming in the app.

Save with a subscription. Adjust your subscription schedule, amount of product or cancel anytime!

See the manual for instructions

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