Fill your home with a fresh scent

An Aire-Master scent dispenser can carry a fine fragrance throughout your home. Neutralizes unwanted odors and imparts a light background aroma.

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ScentScapes Dispenser

Fills large rooms and open spaces with aroma. Comes with a scent 2-pack of your choice.

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Aire-Master D1000 scent dispensers

D1000 Scent Dispenser

Perfect for small spaces. Choice of 2 colors. Comes with a scent 2-pack of your choice.

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ScentScape scent refills

Scent Refills

Refills are available for each dispenser, in a variety of scents. Buy in bulk and save!

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Eliminate Odors

Aire-Master’s quality scents do more than leave your home smelling great. Our specially formulated Odor Elimination Technology gets rid of the stinkiest smells from all areas of your home.

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Easy to use

Place the Bar in the Dispenser

Remove the vented lid from the ScentScapes dispenser, place the bar inside, and replace the lid.

Use Two Bars for Stronger Scent

Simply slide the two slotted bars together crosswise.

Enjoy Your Fresh Smelling Home

Your chosen scent will fill the room, making your home smell clean and fresh.

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A Scent for Every Space

Large Spaces

The ScentScapes dispenser uses a powerful electric motor to fill large areas with scent. Can be mounted on a wall or set free-standing on the floor.

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Small Spaces

The D1000 Dispenser is ideal for small spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or nooks. Battery powered, it can be easily mounted anywhere. One scent bar lasts up to a month.

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In Your Car

The D1000 Scent Bar is a great car air freshener, much better than those hanging pine trees. Just toss one under your seat. You'll love it!

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Commercial Quality for the Home

Aire-Master commercial service person and vehicle

Aire-Master is a leader in scent branding and odor control services for commercial businesses. People often ask, “Can I get that scent for my house?” Now you can! The same top quality scents that we use in our commercial service are available for you to enjoy in your own home.

Get professional service for your business:

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