Classic Scent Guide

Aire-Master scents are unique custom blends of fine essential oils and aromatics, designed for maximum performance and aroma quality. They eliminate unpleasant odors and impart a fresh background fragrance.

Apple Cider

Apple Cider (seasonal)

Warm, fresh apple aroma brings back the memories!

Black Bamboo scent

Black Bamboo

Green bay leaf, balsam, juniper berry on a foundation of warm musk and amber woods.

Blue Agave scent

Blue Agave

Bright, festive top notes of bergamot tea, lime, and blue agave. Lavender and jasmine middle notes, and a woody base.

Cherry Berry scent

Cherry Berry

A zany mix of wild cherry and sweet blueberries, with sugared blackberry and raspberry notes and vanilla undertones.

Cinnamon Spice scent

Cinnamon Spice

The spicy, fresh-baked aroma of warm cinnamon.

Citrus Blossom scent

Citrus Blossom

Sweet floral blend with zesty orange highlights.

Clean Cotton scent

Clean Cotton

Fresh linen, clean citrus top notes with a base of calming florals and woods.

Cranberry scent

Cranberry (seasonal)

A very sweet fruity blend of mixed berries and ripe apple.

Desert Orchid scent

Desert Orchid

Mix of lime, orchid, and amber musk.

Eucalyptus Spearmint scent

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Revitalizing blend of crisp eucalyptus and fresh spearmint. Hints of sweet floral and citrus peel, with soft musk undertones.

Fresh Orange scent

Fresh Orange

Just-peeled, fresh oranges.

Golden Bamboo scent

Golden Bamboo

Fresh citrus and cedarwood on a bed of smooth florals.

Golden Mango scent

Golden Mango

Blend of tropical fruits, sweet cane sugar, and vanilla.

Grapefruit Vanilla scent

Grapefruit Vanilla

Juicy, tart grapefruit with sweet, fruity undertones and a creamy vanilla base. (ScentScapes only)

Holly Berry scent

Holly Berry (seasonal)

Vibrant pine mingled with berries and cedarwood and warm patchouli undertones.

Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist

Fresh lemon with a twist of orange, lime zest, and soft florals.

Mint Leaf scent

Mint Leaf

Blend of peppermint and spearmint.

Odorless scent


No fragrance, for odor killing only.

Orange Spice scent

Orange Spice

Orange, lemon zest, and fresh floral over a balsamic ginger base.

Pom Springs scent

Pom Springs

Pomegranate and tropical fruit blend with a vanilla and amber base. (ScentScapes only)

Pumpkin Spice scent

Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

The holidays are here with the rich, smooth aroma of pumpkin and spice.

Pure Sunshine scent

Pure Sunshine

Fresh, clean island atmosphere of tropical fruits, berries, and florals.

Red Raspberry scent

Red Raspberry

Sweet raspberry aroma with hints of black plum, vanilla, and caramel.

Summer Breeze scent

Summer Breeze

Warm tropical air, pineapple slices, jasmine, florals, and woody undertones.

Tahitian Sunset scent

Tahitian Sunset

A crisp blend of mango and jasmine, with orange, peach, and pineapple notes.

Vanilla Bean scent

Vanilla Bean

Warm, long lasting vanilla aroma with coconut nuances and hints of sweet floral.

Warm Pumpkin Pecan scent

Warm Pumpkin Pecan (seasonal)

Sweet, sugary baked pumpkin with nutty pecan scent.

White Tea and Thyme scent

White Tea and Thyme

This comforting citrus floral pairs the sweet, mild fragrance of white tea leaves and lemon with a garden bouquet of violet and thyme.

Wild Grape scent

Wild Grape

Sweet grape nicely balanced with spice and woody pine, with hints of banana and vanilla.

Winter Woods scent

Winter Woods (seasonal)

Crisp and bold pine forest warmed with cloves and spice.

Woody Floral scent

Woody Floral

Earthy, herbal blend of woods, white jasmine, and a twist of lemon.

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